投稿日: 2020/04/16 3:07:07

Dear ACE students,

April has come and the new beginning of our school is around the corner.

We can’t wait to see you again, hear your stories and greet you all with a smile!

We hope every one of you could enjoy your one-month holiday at home,

spending time with your family.

There is a saying that “Home is the best place of refuge”.A home is where you can be safe and protected. It’s been a month since we are hit by a shocking news about the Corona Virus pandemic not only in Japan but throughout the globe.

No one really expected this kind of pandemic. It has forced millions of families to cancel plans, stay home from work and school, and self-quarantine together in different parts of the world and even many cities are in experiencing lockdown now.

This can be really frustrating and boring for many people and especially for children.

But it presents a good opportunity to teach kids about social responsibility to do small acts of sacrifice and kindness from washing hands and staying home to volunteer for those in need can improve the lives of many, many others in many other countries.

Here in Japan, where the good conduct of manners has been taught to everyone from childhood up to present for many years, including, wearing a mask when catching even little cold, don’t shake hands but bow to greet someone, washing hands often when they get back home and after using the restroom, carrying wet tissue packets to clean hands when they go out and even, all the restaurants here provide it and lastly, maintaining social distance with others, the most important advice that WHO( World Health Organization) is asking everyone and to be cautious of.

This really helped Japan to prevent from lockdown and continue the operate businesses. Isn’t it amazing that the Japanese government is teaching everyone, especially here in Japan to be prepared in times of crisis? This is a wonderful thing to be grateful for and I want to challenge everyone, including you, to think 3 things today, which you are grateful for or made you happy.

According to Buddha, “We are what we think”. I think that we can always be happy by focusing and diverting our thoughts to good things and sharing them to others. Stay happy and healthy always.


Lovely Ventanilla