投稿日: 2020/02/27 7:15:32

Dear ACE Students,

Hooray to the 2nd month of 2020 and for complying and finishing all the exams and projects in January. You did all a fantastic job. We welcome the month of February with full of love because it is the month of love which we can practice and show love to everyone and everything we do. I would like to share some interesting facts of the month of February. It is the only month that only has 28 days and gets longer every four years. Sure, everybody knows about leap years, and most know why we have them.

It’s named after one `Februa` was an early Roman spring festival and cleansing ritual held on Feb 15. Februs, the Roman god was named after this festival. In old English, it was called Kale-monath means Kale or cabbage. It`s the only month that can pass without having a full moon. That doesn’t mean February never has a full moon, it usually does, as a matter of fact. The last time it didn’t was 1999. People who are born on February 29 are called `leaper` or `leaping`. I have a godmother in the Philippines whose birthday falls on February 29. She usually celebrates her birthday on March 1. It’s also highly interesting to note that after six years only February is a month that contains a full 7 days week while the other months fail to fulfil this condition. We hope everyone stays warm, healthy and happy in this winter season.


Lovely Ventanilla