投稿日: 2020/07/03 2:23:02

Dear ACE Students,

First of all, I’d like to congratulate everyone

who got the correct answer to my riddle last month.

I really had so much hearing all your answers.

Some of you might not have gotten the correct answer,

but the most important thing was you tried your best answering it.

So I think of a new riddle again for you to answer

and this is “What goes up when the rain comes down?”

The rainy season has already started.

The beauty of the rain is enjoyable when it is just drizzling.

I suppose that some of people may dislike rain,

but this season is one of the best ones for the farmers

and even for all of the plants and trees which surrounds us and in the forest

because they depend on it.

I knew this because I used to live with my grandparents in my childhood days

and my grandfather was a farmer.

I really enjoyed living with them

because I could eat fresh fruits and vegetables each day.

Rainfall is one of the most important natural things

which makes life possible on Earth.

Since most of the living is based on water,

we replenish ourselves with water every day.

As rain, it replenishes the plant life.

When little or no rain falls,

soils can dry out and plants can die.

According to the study,

“Human can live without food for weeks,

but cannot live without water just for a couple of days.”

I am so thankful that we have rain

and that we can have food to eat at our table each day.

Please stay protected outside.


Lovely Ventanilla