投稿日: 2020/06/14 2:02:33

Dear ACE Students,

We would like to tell you, that we are so proud of you all for making yourself healthier and having endured the 3 months holidays, staying home though some of you got bored.

It was still a blessing in disguise that you could take some time to rest at home and be with your family.

You might have missed your friends and look forward to seeing and talking with them at school. That would be grand! But please do remember the reminder of the Department of Health, to be cautious in our environment, such as avoiding overcrowding and having social distance as much as possible because who knows, if there will be a second wave.

Some of the schools in Japan and most of the schools and businesses in other countries such as Denmark, France, Germany and China have reopened their school in mid-May. Italy and Spain, on the other hand, are much more cautious and only reopening schools in September. As well as in the Philippines, that will be on August 24.

Your parents might be anxious for your well-being as you go back to school, but let them know that the Japanese government is doing its best to protect everyone, especially you because you matter that’s why they have shortened the school hours. This might be a kind of a hard transition to make, both for you and your teachers at school but this is for your own good.

I`d like to give a riddle and if you get the answer right then I`ll give you a treat at ACE.

“Which letter of the alphabet has the most water? I can’t wait to hear your answer in our class.


Lovely Ventanilla