投稿日: 2020/03/08 3:40:17

Dear ACE students,

We’ve been thinking about you a lot these days of how you are all doing? There have been lots of news about Corona virus everywhere. It’s one of the worries that everyone is scared of now, not only in Japan, but in many parts of the world.

Fortunately for many worried parents, there appeared to be few confirmed cases of the virus among children so far. Kimura sensei has always said that every problem has its solution. We should not worry about it instead as an individual we can do something to avoid such unnecessary illness.

Every respective authorities in the politics and health department groups are doing their very best to find a cure for this problem.

I remember asking a student what he was thankful for before the year ended last year and he answered me, “I am thankful that I didn’t get sick in 2019”.

I asked him a question like, “What have you been doing to stay healthy?” with astonishment. He answered me like this, “I drink vegetable juice every morning”. What a good example he is and I try to follow it even though I’m not really a fan of drinking it every day.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the cancelation of the classes in March from elementary to Senior high school students really saddens us. One thing that we would like everyone to do at home is to use the time wisely by continuing to read books because you want to be smarter than yesterday.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends us everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread. We should avoid close contact with the people who are sick, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and most importantly, wash our hands with soap and water at least 20 seconds, after going to the bathroom, before eating, after blowing our nose, coughing or sneezing. There are many prevented measures that we can do to prevent from the virus. If there’s anything we can do is to use Covid-19 as a reminder to care for our lives always because a bad diet is a thousand of times worse than coronavirus. Lastly, I want to talk about one last topic that is very important. A lot of people are using Covid -19 as an excuse to be racist against Chinese people and it shouldn’t be like that.

We should not judge a whole nation and we need to come together to not only battle the virus, but also racism when hopefully everyone is safe and we have the virus under control. We will all be able to say that we did our absolute best to fight the virus and not fight each other.


Lovely Ventanilla