Dear Ace students,

We are deeply grateful to all your parents who have supported you all the way to make this far to learn English at ACE and for joining events like the Halloween last month. We commend all the efforts and sacrifices that you and your parents have exerted and dedicated. Please know that you are good enough. We are so proud of you for showing much courage to learn something new each day and for all the accomplishments you have gotten. As your teachers, we know the feelings of being in your shoes because we were once a student like you before. We have experienced and continue being a student in life because you and I are not perfect and need to learn more things. Focus on only one thing at a time, so you can finish it as “easy as pie”. We know that every hard work you do now will all be paid off in the future for your success.

Everything you have done are not wasted so do not give up on what you have already started because one day in the future, you will thank yourself by choosing the right thing. Whatever challenge that you may encounter in the future, face it with confidence and a happy heart. My mom has always told me since when I was a child that “If other’s can, why can’t I?” She has given me challenge to believe in myself even it is sometimes hard. Nevertheless, I found this easy when I stop comparing myself to others and start accepting and loving myself. As a challenge, I would invite everyone to do one thing each day to love yourself. The things that I can suggest is to believe in yourself and to make yourself happy. To believe in yourself is to know that you can make your dreams come true. To make yourself happy is to be thankful that there is a sun that gives us light and air to breathe. Let us make every day full of joy and laughter and treat it as a “miracle”.

I have one riddle to share and please tell your answer to me to get some treat. “What did one autumn leaf say to another?”. I will be waiting for your answer.


Lovely Ventanilla