Dear ACE Students,

The Autumn has come, and I am absolutely thrilled by having this season because I do love how the leaves change their colors. This is best time of the year not to worry about any heat, as Japan News reported last month that more than 12,000 were taken to hospitals nationwide in Japan due to heat stroke, but we still need and continue to be cautious of our health and surroundings because the pandemic is not yet over.

I`d like to tell you a story based on the real experience of our student at ACE which I think is relevant in our `new normal` life now. She told me that she went to a salon to have a haircut and the hair stylist put a towel on her face. As she started cutting her hair, the hairstylist started talking about Covid-19 while she just listened to her with all ears and pondered. The hairstylist said `` Covid-19 is good for the earth. There are too many people in the earth. And the population is increasing. The people consume natural resources. The reasons of the increasing population are due to indiscriminate birth and the longevity of people, etc. If Covid-19 expands much more, the population of the earth will decrease. Covid-19 might help the earth!?`` The student thinks that her idea, maybe some truth, but on the contrary, she thinks that having a long life is good because it gives us lots of profits, such us, the benefits of our retirement and seeing our love one’s success in life that makes us truly happy. The Covid-19 does not do any good thing for us and the birth and the death of people must not be controlled by men. On the other hand, we can say that the medical care is important for longevity, but what is more important are behaviors that can affect health. Anyway, we must live with not only Covid-19 but also other viruses from now on. After, we all get the best methods, let`s go on with our journey`.

I do agree with her and this story is an encouragement that we can`t change the circumstances of our new normal life now, but WE ALL HAVE HOPES and BRIGHT FUTURE if we continue to LIVE. Like the autumn trees which continue to live and we can all enjoy seeing the beautiful change of the leaves each year.


Lovely Ventanilla