Dear ACE Students,

The 13 th Recitation contest to all our elementary students for both Hosen and Keshigoyama

schools have done so successful with so much gratitude and appreciation to all the parents

who have supported our students all the way until the big day of the contest. We were all so

much impressed and proud to see your growth and how you delivered their respective

recitation with such courage and confidence! All your efforts and hard work are counted and

valued by us. The simple things you have exerted are so precious to us.

It is indeed a great news to be alive and to behold and be surrounded by the beauty of the

nature here in Okayama despite of many bad news going around social media or even on the

news now. The Filipino people have been so excited to welcome September because it is the

start of celebrating Christmas and even listening to some Christmas songs. We find so much

joy by doing these. We can always find happiness wherever we are. I read an article about

finding happiness and I would like to share with you a couple of phrases that spark joy for me.

The first is (It is really about love), I think that when you love what you are doing, you can

always find joy in it. The second is (See more art. Make more art. All kinds of art, even art you

do not like. This truly can help you find peace and relaxation. I, myself have experienced this

because Kimura sensei and I attended an Art class with a professional Art teacher in Saidaiji.

It was so much fun! If you think staying home is better, then you can do arts at home as well.

The 3 rd is to believe in yourself that YOU are enough. You are lovable and amazing and

deserving of true, genuine happiness exactly who you are. Being yourself is the best gift you

can share with everyone. What are the 3 things that make you genuinely happy?


Lovely Ventanilla