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Sep.2016 Vol.6

Dear Ace Students,

              First and foremost, I would like to thank y’all for participating in the 2016 9th annual ACE recitation contest. It was a very rewarding experience to see what my students can learn with practice, dedication, and perseverance. I enjoyed watching everyone’s performance and I was very happy with  y’all. Even though y’all got a bit nervous, I knew y’all could do it. This was my first recitation contest and I know it took courage for the new participants so don’t feel bad about being nervous. Furthermore, to improve future recitations, remember to always practice, relax, and have fun when you’re reciting.

              Additionally, I would also like to thank all the students who participated in the ACE world project. It was very interesting to see y’all show interest in foreign countries. I hope each and everyone  of you has the chance to travel the world. Remember, English is not just a class your parents make you take but it’s also the key to exploring our world.

              As  y’all come back to school, I would like y’all to do your best and stay focused. Summer’s almost over and it’s time to get ready for the Fall season. Let’s get back to class and learn something new.

—-Andrew Galang     

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●大人の英会話がお得です!Happy Hour PM2:00~PM4:00 のレッスンがお得!!マンツーマンレッスンが9,450円!!


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  • ホームページをリニューアルしました! みなさまにもっと親しみやすい英語スクールを目指して、この度ACE(エース)のホームページをリニューアルしました!今度のホームページは、進化するコンテンツが盛りだくさん。毎月お届けするACE専任講師Andrew(アンドリュー)による『Andrew's News』や楽しいイベントやキャンペーン情報をお知らせする『ACE News』など、是非定期的に覗いてみてくださいね。
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Andrew's Newsアンドリューからのおたより

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