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December 2017

2017/12/12 6:38 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear ACE students,

Hello and welcome to Winter! It’s that time of year again and we’re ready to celebrate
the upcoming New Year with plenty of traditions. Like last year, we are going to make
snowflakes and cover the room. There’s a saying in America, “Every snowflake is different.”
When I was in elementary school, teachers taught this to me. American students are taught that
we are all different but it’s a good thing. We are all individuals and we come together as one.
Regardless of how we look or act, we’re all the same snowflakes falling from the sky.
I hope everyone has something to look forward to this winter holiday. Make every
moment count and remember to be warm. Winter teaches us that even the harshest cold can
not stop us from being warm to each other. This time of year is about family and being thankful
for what we have. Just like what I’ve taught you about thanksgiving, bring in the winter with
hopeful warm spirits.


November 2017

2017/11/14 21:11 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear ACE students,

I hope everyone had a fun time with the Halloween Party. It was a fun event and it was good seeing everyone wear their costumes! I hope y’all learned a lot about Halloween and now it’s time to move on to the next month!

Welcome November! November is the last month of Fall so enjoy all the fall colors for now. One thing I think when it comes to November is mustaches. It may sound weird but over the past couple of years, November has been a special month for American men to let their facial hair grow. We’ve been calling this month, “No-shave November.”  So if you find yourself in America in the Fall, don’t be surprised with all the beards you see!

Lastly, and more importantly, November is means Thanksgiving! Though thanksgiving is not celebrated in Japan, there are some Americans who celebrate this very American Holiday in Japan. I will be celebrating thanksgiving and I hope everyone learns a lot about Thanksgiving from my lesson. Just remember to always give thanks for what you have. Winter is coming and we need to keep each other warm with our spirits.



October 2017

2017/10/19 19:16 に 明美木村 が投稿   [ 2017/10/19 19:18 に更新しました ]

coming soon

昨年みんなが何を作るのかを見るのは興味深かったです。 面白い事実があります。
October がもともとのローマ暦では実は8番目の月だったことを知っていますか。
Octは8を意味しています。octopus タコが8本の足を持っているというように。
September は7番目の月でした。というのはSeptは7の意味だからです。


September 2017

2017/09/12 23:38 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear ACE students,
I would like to thank everyone for participating in the ACE recitation Contest. It has been a wonderful seeing y’all progress with your recitation material. You’ve been working so hard and this contest allows you to showcase what you’ve learned to your family and friends. The recitation contest is filled with a lot of work but it’s satisfying for me to see y’all perform. I’m very happy with the progress and I hope you’re happy with the results.
On another note, I would like to take the time to tell you about the current state of my home. As y’all know, I am from Houston, Texas and I was recently there during the summer holidays. Recently, Texas, specifically Houston has been devastated by the tragic Hurricane Harvey. (Hurricane is a word for Typhoon in the Western Hemishphere.) My hometown is the 4th largest city in America and it’s been difficult to rebuild after this tragedy. There have been floods that have left thousands of people out of homes. It is recorded as one of the most disastrous hurricanes to ever make landfall in America.
I wish I was home to volunteer and help my community. It’s been difficult for me to see my city struggle. On the bright side, It has been heartwarming to see my city take care of each other. Which is why i encourage you to visit Texas and see just how kind and strong Texasns are.
I ask from myself to you to just please be aware of how fortunate we are to live in a safe city like Okayama.  I encourage you and your family to keep my city in your prayers and thoughts. If you can, please check the American Redcross online or other organizations to donate. Thank you for your time and let’s continue to learn english so we can all be a part of the world.

For more on how you can help please visit the following websites:

Red Cross Houston:

Beyonce’s Hurricane fund raiser:






August 2017

2017/08/14 5:52 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear Ace students,
I hope everyone is doing well during this hot weather. It’s summer time and I hope y’all
are keeping cool. It’s quite hot outside but at least y’all have summer vacation! As for Ace, it’s
time for recitation. I hope everyone is excited about the new material. I’ve selected poems to
help make recitation easier and funner. So let’s beat the summer hear by doing our best this
summer recitation contest!
When I think of summer in Japan, I think of cicadas. A lot of people say the sound of
summer is the sound of cicadas. But I’ve never noticed how loud cicadas could be until I’ve lived
in Japan. Compared to Texas, Cicadas are more quieter and have a very distinct rattling sound.
Growing up in Texas, I was always told to be careful when I hear the sound because it could be
a rattlesnake. I didn’t realize it was a cicada bug!
Just like with people and their different languages, we all have different sounds we use
from different parts of the world. Even though English is the most used language in the world,
you can tell where people are from by their accent. At the end of this letter, I will show you some
internet links so you can compared different sounds of cicadas and accents of English.
Regardless of an accent, don’t be afraid to speak English! Accents are beautiful and have a lot
of personality.

Texas Cicada sound:
Japanese Cicada sound:
35 English Accents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-en- iDeZEE&t=51s

Andrew Galang
35 English Accents英語のアクセント: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-en- iDeZEE&t=51s

June 2017

2017/06/19 1:39 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear Ace students,
              Hello y’all! Say hello to summer! I hope everyone is ready for the heat! I’ve learned that June is the rainy season of Japan. Which means it’s time for humidity. Humid weather can be so uncomfortable but I’m from Texas so I am used to having humidity for long months! I hope y’all stay cool and hydrated. Since it will be hot soon, remember to always drink water. Fun biology fact, we are over 70% water so remember to keep yourself refreshed!
              June is the beginning of summer vacation for kids in Texas. But just think, August will come faster than you think and you’ll be in summer vacation! Speaking of August, it will be time for recitation. Let’s brush up on our pronunciation and phonics! I hope everyone participates and does their best! Best wishes for an awesome summer!

May 2017

2017/04/29 6:17 に 明美木村 が投稿   [ 2017/04/29 6:19 に更新しました ]

Happy Golden Week! It is now May and I hope your Golden week has been going well. It’s interesting that Japan has two holiday weeks named after Gold and Silver. Gold is typically a color of warmth and wealth in American culture. While silver is more cooler and calming. Some people say you are either a gold or a silver type of person. Which color you prefer usually says something about your personality. I prefer gold. What do you prefer?

              Additionally, Mother’s day is also in May. Make sure to let your mother know how much you love her! Get her some flowers, a card, or simply tell her you love her. I would like to wish every mother a Happy Mother’s day.    




 すべてのお母さんたちに 「母の日おめでとうございます」

April 2017

2017/04/11 20:29 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear Ace Students,

              Hello everyone and welcome to the new school year! I hope everyone has rested well during the Spring vacation and is ready for the new year. I’m still quite shocked that you only have a couple of weeks between changing grades. Back home, we have  two months between changing grades. So you must be ready for the school year because of all the spring vacation homework! Keep up the good work and make sure to welcome all the new students.

              Happy April! There’s an American saying that says, “April showers brings May flowers.” But interestingly enough, April in Japan has sakura flowers. Spring is about new beginnings. Let’s make this new year better than last year.

Yours truly,

Andrew Galang 





Happy April! アメリカの格言に「4月の雨は5月の花をもたらす」があります。



March 2017

2017/03/02 7:49 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear Ace students,

              I hope everyone has had a warm winter. It’s time for March and spring is near.

Back in Texas, Spring would’ve already arrived. That also means it would be Rodeo time. I would really love to have some Texas barbeque and steak! Just like the special holidays in Japan where everyone dresses up in kimonos, Texans dress up in cowboy and cowgirl clothes. So If you ever want to visit my home, I would recommend you visit in March.

              Additionally, the school year is about to end and start. Hellogoodbye. Hello 2017 school year and goodbye 2016 school year. Let’s hope for a new great school year and to see new faces in class. Welcome everyone and let’s have another great year







Andrew Galang

Andrews news Feb. 2017

2017/02/01 17:22 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear ACE students,

              Happy second month of the year! The new year has passed and it is already the second month. Additionally, the school year is almost over too! Time goes by so quickly. As the old saying goes, remember to stop and smell the flowers. Speaking of flowers, it’s almost time for Valentine’s day.

              Remember, Valentine’s day is really a day for when men give to woman. But I guess in Japan, it will always be the opposite. I want you to learn that Valentine’s day can be more than just love between a couple. So this year, we’ll learn to make Valentine’s cards for anyone. Valentine’s is a holiday about love and you can love anyone. Also, we’ll have lessons about Valentine’s day. I hope you stay warm and remember to love one another!


Andrew Galang 

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