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Lovely's Message

2018/11/01: Andrew先生に代わって、新講師Lovely(ラブリー)先生がこれからLovely's Messageをお届けします。
2018/04/01: Andrew先生は任期を終えましたので、Andrew's Newsは2018年4月号をもって終了します。過去のメッセージは引き続きお読みいただけます。


2019/06/26 17:42 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear ACE Students,

We can enjoy varieties of events and festivals each month which Japan has to offer.
 Japan is filled with countless places that inspire and enchant us.
The government here in Japan encourages everyone, not to overwork and take some time to enjoy life by visiting lots of beautiful sceneries here despite our busy schedules at work or school. Aren`t we all lucky to have these privileges?
I went to Inujima Island last month with Kimura sensei and have truly enjoyed the Historical area of a Copper miner.
It is really impressive to see each flower bloom in every season here and that's one thing I`ve enjoyed seeing.

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy hanging out with family and friends and make sure to bring umbrellas with you.
I learned that the month of July is known as `Tsuyu` or rainy days in Japan. It is a time of constant rain and even typhoons.
This month is also the start of the wet season in the Philippines.
The Philippines enjoys a tropical climate that is for the most part hot and humid year-round,
but can be roughly divided into a dry season between November and May, and a wet season between June and October. Although in recent years, due to climate change, summers have been extended into June and July.

I will be flying to the Philippines on the 4th of July for a week to attend my brother`s wedding.
I`m hoping for your kind consideration.
It`s been 7 years that I and my siblings haven’t been completed and I’m really excited to see all of them.
 I`ll be sharing with you how the Filipino people celebrate their wedding when I come back.
I hope you all have a wonderful day each day and I invite you all to remember the simple things you are grateful for.



Lovely Ventanilla


2019/06/05 6:53 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear ACE Students,


As a foreigner in your country, I do admire and appreciate all the hospitality and kindness of the people here. Most of the things that foreigners expect are here in Japan like for examples, the disciplines and manners of everyone toward respecting the environment and other people personal matters. Even the nature itself are really beautiful and captivating. We are already halfway point the year 2019. The time has passed by so quickly that we can’t even imagine how days went by so fast and that summer has begun. We all need liquids especially water to quench our thirst from the heat and for all of us to avoid dehydration.


One of the most significant dates in the Philippine’s history is Independence Day because it marks the nation’s independence from the Spanish rule on June 12, 1898. Filipinos celebrate it annually on June 12. Philippines was colonized by Spaniards for 333 years. The US granted independence to the Philippines on 4 July 1946 through the Treaty of Manila. July 4, the date intentionally chosen by the United States because it corresponds to its Independence Day, was observed in the Philippines as Independence Day until 1962. On 12 May 1962, President Diosdado Macapagal issued Presidential Proclamation No. 28, which declared on June 12 a special public holiday throughout the Philippines. As this is the national Independence Day the day is spent with family bonding with friends and relatives and outdoor and indoor activities. All government offices are closed on that day as this is a national holiday and so also are schools (June marks the start of the school year) and private enterprises save for commercial establishments. As required by law the Flag of the Philippines, first flown on that day in 1898, flies proudly in homes and establishments from as early as May 28, Flag Day, to the 30th of the month. Fireworks displays are the norm in Manila on that day as well as other patriotic displays nationwide. 



Lovely Ventanilla



2019/04/26 2:05 に 明美木村 が投稿   [ 2019/04/26 14:02 に更新しました ]

Dear Ace Students, 
I’ve heard lots of wonderful stories from you and other people in the beginning of this school year about how teachers here in Japan get to know their students more by visiting them in their houses during the 1st 2 weeks of classes. That really fascinate and inspire me to learn more about the education and how the teachers build a strong relationship with students here in Japan. As I mention in my April message that students in the Philippines usually finish the school year in April. On the contrary, they enjoy their long holidays from mid-April to 1st week of June. 

Although the spring season is long over in most parts of Japan, May is one of the most attractive times of year for travel. It is an absolutely delightful month to travel with the family and enjoy outdoor activities with warm and comfortable weather. The beginning of May is holiday season here in Japan called Golden Week and every touristic spot gets extremely packed. For sure that we will see lots of foreigners from other countries visiting Japan because Golden week is the one of the most popular travel season of the year and thus extremely crowded. One thing that I love about May is that we do have lots of Festivals in the Philippines. One of it is the “Pista’y Dayat “in my own dialect which means “Beach Festival” which usually held in my own hometown Lingayen on May 1st. This is a day of thanksgiving for bountiful harvests and abundant fishing observed all over Pangasinan on beautiful beaches and fluvial parades.  Fluvial parade is a procession of people celebrating a special occasion riding or aboard in boats or ships. I do enjoy that a lot because I live near the beach in the Philippines.   Traveling is a good way to unwind and to find out more about different places or countries with different traditions and customs. Some traveler prefer to spend in one place just a few days or one day and then leave for another place. This way of traveling allows us to visit more countries in less days.

I hope you all enjoy your Golden week and visit some places that you haven’t been yet with your family.  

Fluvial Parade in Lingayen Pangasinan

Sand Sculpting Competition usually held on April 30. 

Fluvial Parade in Lingayen Pangasinan

Sand Sculpting Competition usually held on April 30.


2019/04/03 2:50 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear ACE Students,


How are you all doing? I hope you all enjoying your spring vacation with your family and friends. I’ve been so fascinated seeing different kinds of flowers abloom everywhere I go. They are truly eye catching. As I mention in my previous message that this is my very first time to experience spring here in Japan and I had never seen such many beautiful flowers.


Spring is so closely associated with new beginnings for most of students here in Japan. It’s really exciting to start this school year with hope and enthusiasm. Let’s do our best to learn something new each day.  School year starts in April and ends in March here in Japan. I would like to share with you the education system in the Philippines.


Education in the Philippines is offered through formal and non-formal systems.  Formal education typically spans 14 years and is structured in a 6+4+4 system:  6 years of primary school education, 4 years of secondary school education, and 4 years of higher education, leading to a bachelor’s degree.  This is one of the shortest terms of formal education in the world.

In the Philippines, the academic school year begins in June and concludes in April, a period that covers a total of 40 weeks.  All higher education institutions operate on a semester system—fall semester, winter semester and an optional summer term.  Schooling is compulsory for 6 years, beginning at age 7 and culminating at age 12.  These 6 years represent a child’s primary school education. Although English was the sole language of instruction in the Philippines form 1935 to 1987, the new constitution prescribed that both Filipino (Tagalog) and English are the official language of instruction and communication.  After primary school, however, the language of instruction is almost always English, especially in the country’s urban areas and at most of the nation’s universities.



Lovely Ventanilla



2019/03/21 19:53 に 明美木村 が投稿   [ 2019/03/21 19:54 に更新しました ]

Dear ACE Students,

How’s everyone doing? I hope you are all doing well. 
How lucky we are that spring has come and need not to bundle up this season. 
This is the time that we will be enjoying the beautiful scenery of Cherry blossoms and different kinds of flowers bloom. 
I’ve already seen several Cherry blossoms with their beautiful flowers while traveling on a bus.  
It is really fascinating and a wonderful time of the year to experience the good weather here in Japan contrary to the Philippines. 

The Philippines has only 2 seasons, the dry and rainy season. 
The max-average temperature of the Philippines is +33 °C in March. I bet that lots of foreign people really dream to come to Japan just to see Cherry Blossoms, just like me a couple of years ago. 
I can’t really wait to see them all bloom in reality. 
I really feel sorry for those who are having hay fever. 
I just want to share with you something that I know which can help you with preventing from having hay fever. 
You may like to try ginger to mix or put on your dishes or drinks because ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, helpful for reducing hay fever symptoms. 
Garlic contains antibiotic properties and can help prevent sinus congestion.

In addition, I’ve enjoyed visiting some places here in Okayama and tried making different kinds of sushi like Chirashi sushi and Temaki Shushi. 
Also because I have sweet tooth, I have loved learning some Japanese sweets or desserts like Ichigo Daifuku or Strawberry glutinous rice cake. 

I hope you all enjoy the beautiful nature that we have here.


Lovely Ventanilla


2019/02/12 18:44 に 明美木村 が投稿

Dear ACE Students, 

It’s been freezing cold recently and I hope you are all doing okay and bundled up. 
I couldn’t be any happier when I saw snow for the very first time of my life here in Okayama a week ago, though it was just few minutes. I’ve noticed that some people have been affected by influenza due to the weather and for us to avoid it, we must eat more healthy foods and always wash our hands if possible.
Hurray to the months of February and for all the students who have done their very best to take their examinations. Thank you so much for all your hard works and they will surely all be paid off. Good luck to those who still have their exams. You can do it!
This month is the time to celebrate lots of Festivals here in Japan and even in the Philippines. So far, I’ve enjoyed learning and experiencing Festivals here. One of the popular events we celebrate this month is the Valentine’s Day which makes me get more interested in learning Japan’s culture. Usually, it is Japanese women who celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving presents to their lovers or any men close to them. After a month, men return the favor on White day (March 14). In a lot of ways, Valentine’s Day celebrations in the Philippines are very similar to those in Western countries that men usually give women sweets and flowers. Though February 14th is not declared an official holiday, you will feel the Valentine's vibe everywhere you go.  In the whole month, Filipinos take the time to tie the knot. There are the “mass marriages,” where hundreds of couples around the country simultaneously say their vows. The local governments arrange these ceremonies for unwed couples who could not afford the costs to get married. Some couples even decide to get married in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because of the sweet atmosphere everywhere and February makes a good time for someone to confess their love or propose to a significant other.  
We can always show our love by our simple actions and it starts in our homes like helping people who are in need like our parents or siblings, smiling to others and be kind to them. 

Lovely Ventanilla


2019/01/16 17:41 に 明美木村 が投稿   [ 2019/01/16 17:52 に更新しました ]

Dear ACE Students,


It’s a brand new start of the year 2019 and I hope you all had wonderful winter holidays. It’s been really amazing experience that I have had here in Japan. I’ve traveled Tokyo, Kanagawa and Yokohama for my winter break. I learned lots of things in 2 weeks and one thing in common with Japan and the Philippines when celebrating the holidays is both countries are celebrating it with the family. In Japan, New Year is one of the most important holidays of the year and it couldn’t be more different from the typical Philippines New Year’s celebration. People return to their hometowns, and families come together for a special meal, send greeting cards, and pray for health and happiness, more like a traditional Western Christmas. On New Year’s Eve, Japanese families traditionally eat a special kind of soba . Philippines has a loud New Year’s Eve and we count down the clock until 12 am January 1st.


 It was great that I even had the opportunity to see and hear Emperor Akihito’s last term message to everyone in reality. What a great honor it was for me that I felt like dreaming and  I still can’t quite imagine that I am now experiencing what I dreamt a couple of years ago. I can tell that dreams truly come true. As I always believe what my mother kept on telling me that "If others can why can’t I?”. I just want to share with you this quote which inspire me ; I am where I am now because someone believe in me and we want our future generations to believe in them as well.  ~ Catriona Gray


Happy New Year and live life to the fullest.



Lovely Ventanilla

Christmas message

2018/12/05 18:41 に 明美木村 が投稿   [ 2018/12/05 18:58 に更新しました ]

Dear ACE Students,
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all
of you who have helped me feel the true meaning of love. I always
feel like home and loved whenever I am around you. This will be my
first time to celebrate Christmas here in Japan away from my family.
Christmas makes me think of you. You are all our most precious gifts.
If I think of what I want for Christmas from Santa, what more could
I ask than you.
The most festive time of the year is right around the corner, for the
rest of the world. In the Philippines, Christmas has already begun.
From setting up the decorations and playing Yuletide songs as early as
September. Unlike the United States, Filipino households don’t
exactly decorate for Halloween in October and Thanksgiving in
November. But that doesn’t mean they don’t already begin decorating
by then. Some plastic poinsettias here, some Santa Clause figurines
there, it isn’t strange for the Christmas decor to start emerging
when the first “-ber” month (September) begins. One of the most
exciting activity that children do together on the night of December
24 is Caroling and visit a lot of houses. Nowadays, we often hear
people singing Christmas in English, Tagalog, or some other native
dialect. However, there used to be a time when singing such songs
were done in Spanish. I hope that the holidays will be full of fun for
all of you and and that you can take out some time to do activities
that decree the true meaning of this holiday. Advance Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lovely Ventanilla


2018/11/08 15:58 に 明美木村 が投稿   [ 2018/11/09 16:42 に更新しました ]

Dear ACE Students,

Mabuhay! How is it going? It’s been months that I’ve
had at ACE and you’ve all impressed me by your eagerness
and passion to learn the English language. I know how hard it is
to be a beginner of a new language but let me tell you that all
expert was once a beginner so keep on going to achieve your
goals. I am indeed so thankful for all your teachers who have
taught you all with love and compassion and I truly admire all of

I’ve been fascinated by Japanese culture,
sceneries and people. I’m so humbled by your examples and
hope that all people in the world are like Japanese people. I can
say that I have enjoyed embracing the Japanese culture by eating and cooking traditional foods like natto and by visiting temples and shrines and learning about their culture.

It’s been really fun experiencing and learning new
things. Being here in Japan is a dream come true. I know that
as we all strive harder we will have a compelling chance to be
an extraordinary person. As teacher Andrew said and I quote
“BE A STUDENT OF LIFE”. I am so thrilled to get to know
better and help you improve your English.


2018/04/22 13:14 に 明美木村 が投稿   [ 2018/04/22 13:15 に更新しました ]



Dear ACE students,


 It’s been an incredible two and half years since I arrived to Okayama. I’ve learned and grown so much with y’all. I hope you’ve learned a lot from me. Whether it was how to write an essay or simply your ABCs, I sincerely hope I’ve made a difference in your growth as an English student and more importantly, as a person.

 Some last minute wisdom I would like to share:

1.Be passionate. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

2.Be a student of life. Always learn something whether it’s in school or not.

3.Be yourself. Be true to who you are.

 I would like to thank each and everyone of y’all for welcoming me and accepting me. I hope you give the same love to the new teacher Lovely and the substitutes. Please be patient with ACE. Lovely will come soon and be the best teacher she can be.

 I’ve traveled so far from home to be a teacher. One day or so, I’m sure we’ll see each other again. So please don’t be shy if you find yourself in Texas. I’m just a kid from Texas wishing to change and experience the world. Out of all the places I could’ve been, I just so happened to be here with y’all. I hope the best for each and everyone of y’all. It’s been a true blessing and it’s been real.


Take care and love always,


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