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Lovery's news

  • February,2019
    Dear ACE Students, 

    It’s been freezing cold recently and I hope you are all doing okay and bundled up. 
    I couldn’t be any happier when I saw snow for the very first time of my life here in Okayama a week ago, though it was just few minutes. I’ve noticed that some people have been affected by influenza due to the weather and for us to avoid it, we must eat more healthy foods and always wash our hands if possible.
    Hurray to the months of February and for all the students who have done their very best to take their examinations. Thank you so much for all your hard works and they will surely all be paid off. Good luck to those who still have their exams. You can do it!
    This month is the time to celebrate lots of Festivals here in Japan and even in the Philippines. So far, I’ve enjoyed learning and experiencing Festivals here. One of the popular events we celebrate this month is the Valentine’s Day which makes me get more interested in learning Japan’s culture. Usually, it is Japanese women who celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving presents to their lovers or any men close to them. After a month, men return the favor on White day (March 14). In a lot of ways, Valentine’s Day celebrations in the Philippines are very similar to those in Western countries that men usually give women sweets and flowers. Though February 14th is not declared an official holiday, you will feel the Valentine's vibe everywhere you go.  In the whole month, Filipinos take the time to tie the knot. There are the “mass marriages,” where hundreds of couples around the country simultaneously say their vows. The local governments arrange these ceremonies for unwed couples who could not afford the costs to get married. Some couples even decide to get married in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because of the sweet atmosphere everywhere and February makes a good time for someone to confess their love or propose to a significant other.  
    We can always show our love by our simple actions and it starts in our homes like helping people who are in need like our parents or siblings, smiling to others and be kind to them. 

    Lovely Ventanilla

    投稿: 2019/02/12 18:44、明美木村
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●大人の英会話がお得です!Happy Hour PM2:00~PM4:00 のレッスンがお得!!マンツーマンレッスンが9,450円!!


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Lovery's news

ACE専任講師 Lovely(ラブリー)が、英語で役立つ情報を毎月でお届けします!お楽しみに♪♪
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