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2019/04/26 2:05 に 明美木村 が投稿   [ 2019/04/26 14:02 に更新しました ]
Dear Ace Students, 
I’ve heard lots of wonderful stories from you and other people in the beginning of this school year about how teachers here in Japan get to know their students more by visiting them in their houses during the 1st 2 weeks of classes. That really fascinate and inspire me to learn more about the education and how the teachers build a strong relationship with students here in Japan. As I mention in my April message that students in the Philippines usually finish the school year in April. On the contrary, they enjoy their long holidays from mid-April to 1st week of June. 

Although the spring season is long over in most parts of Japan, May is one of the most attractive times of year for travel. It is an absolutely delightful month to travel with the family and enjoy outdoor activities with warm and comfortable weather. The beginning of May is holiday season here in Japan called Golden Week and every touristic spot gets extremely packed. For sure that we will see lots of foreigners from other countries visiting Japan because Golden week is the one of the most popular travel season of the year and thus extremely crowded. One thing that I love about May is that we do have lots of Festivals in the Philippines. One of it is the “Pista’y Dayat “in my own dialect which means “Beach Festival” which usually held in my own hometown Lingayen on May 1st. This is a day of thanksgiving for bountiful harvests and abundant fishing observed all over Pangasinan on beautiful beaches and fluvial parades.  Fluvial parade is a procession of people celebrating a special occasion riding or aboard in boats or ships. I do enjoy that a lot because I live near the beach in the Philippines.   Traveling is a good way to unwind and to find out more about different places or countries with different traditions and customs. Some traveler prefer to spend in one place just a few days or one day and then leave for another place. This way of traveling allows us to visit more countries in less days.

I hope you all enjoy your Golden week and visit some places that you haven’t been yet with your family.  

Fluvial Parade in Lingayen Pangasinan

Sand Sculpting Competition usually held on April 30. 

Fluvial Parade in Lingayen Pangasinan

Sand Sculpting Competition usually held on April 30.