vol.02 May 2016

投稿日: 2016/05/02 13:03:57

Dear ACE students,

I would like to wish y’all a happy and fun Golden Week. This is my first time in Japan during Golden week and I hope to see just how beautiful everyone says Japan can be. Interestingly enough, did you know May is Asian American Heritage month in America. During this month, Asian Americans celebrate and honor their culture. America is made up of some many people and Asians make up for the most diversity.(Considering Asia as the largest continent). From Chinese, Japanese, to Indian, and Vietnamese, Asian Americans make such a diverse group of faces in America. Coincidentally, Gautama Buddha is predicted to have been born somewhere between late April and May. This is probably why Asian American Heritage month was chosen to be in May because of the many Asian Buddhists.

Lastly, I want all my students to remember to tell your mothers, Happy Mother’s day. The first sunday of May is Mother’s day. A great way to show your appreciation to your mother is simply writing her a letter. (Write one in English too!) Make sure to thank your mother for everything and to all my students who are mothers, I would like to tell you Happy Mother’s day as well.

Yours truly,

Andrew Galang