Andrews news Feb. 2017

投稿日: 2017/02/02 1:22:18

Dear ACE students,

Happy second month of the year! The new year has passed and it is already the second month. Additionally, the school year is almost over too! Time goes by so quickly. As the old saying goes, remember to stop and smell the flowers. Speaking of flowers, it’s almost time for Valentine’s day.

Remember, Valentine’s day is really a day for when men give to woman. But I guess in Japan, it will always be the opposite. I want you to learn that Valentine’s day can be more than just love between a couple. So this year, we’ll learn to make Valentine’s cards for anyone. Valentine’s is a holiday about love and you can love anyone. Also, we’ll have lessons about Valentine’s day. I hope you stay warm and remember to love one another!


Andrew Galang