投稿日: 2018/04/22 20:14:33



Dear ACE students,

It’s been an incredible two and half years since I arrived to Okayama. I’ve learned and grown so much with y’all. I hope you’ve learned a lot from me. Whether it was how to write an essay or simply your ABCs, I sincerely hope I’ve made a difference in your growth as an English student and more importantly, as a person.

Some last minute wisdom I would like to share:

1.Be passionate. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

2.Be a student of life. Always learn something whether it’s in school or not.

3.Be yourself. Be true to who you are.

I would like to thank each and everyone of y’all for welcoming me and accepting me. I hope you give the same love to the new teacher Lovely and the substitutes. Please be patient with ACE. Lovely will come soon and be the best teacher she can be.

I’ve traveled so far from home to be a teacher. One day or so, I’m sure we’ll see each other again. So please don’t be shy if you find yourself in Texas. I’m just a kid from Texas wishing to change and experience the world. Out of all the places I could’ve been, I just so happened to be here with y’all. I hope the best for each and everyone of y’all. It’s been a true blessing and it’s been real.

Take care and love always,