August 2016 vol.5

投稿日: 2016/07/31 11:41:07

Dear ACE students,

Hello and happy summer! I hope y’all are having a good summer vacation. Interestingly enough, while y’all are having vacation, students in America are preparing to go back to school. I’ve been told August is the hottest time of the year and I hope y’all are keeping it cool and drinking a lot of water. Remember, to drink lots of water to stay healthy and hydrated!

Moreover, our ACE recitation contest is coming up and I hope y’all are practicing and are ready. Remember to listen carefully and present cheerfully. Above all, have fun! I look forward to seeing your progress and hopefully, students will participate in future recitation contests.

Additionally, I would like to thank all the students who created a presentation for ACE’s world project. The presentations will give students the opportunity to teach other students about the world. I hope y’all had fun learning about how big and interesting the world is. Remember, the world is a beautiful place filled with many different countries. As Disney said, “It’s a small world after all.”


Andrew Galang