投稿日: 2019/07/31 13:43:32

Dear Ace Students,

I am sure that you are all having a good time because summer has begun in Japan. Do you already have plans for your summer holidays? I heard that some of you are looking forward to seeing your family come home from far apart. What a wonderful thing to look forward to. I had a great time visiting my family last month to attend my brother`s wedding and I can tell you that there`s no place of happiness like you will have with your family. I had the chance to see all my siblings, mom, and relatives whom I hadn’t seen for a while. After the wedding, we went to an island together to unwind and had some time to relax and talk. It`s been pretty hot and humid like in my country, the Philippines so please stay hydrated. Bring water with you wherever you are.

We have handed out the recitation poems to our elementary students for the preparation of the recitation contest that will be held in the last week of August. We are thrilled to watch the participants present their recitations. We know you can do it as you practice. We’re behind you, cheering you on to the finish line. You might be feeling stressed, overwhelmed and confused. We understand that, but keep going. Give it everything you’ve got. You’re nearly there and know that whatever happens next, you’ve got what it takes for an amazing performance.

The potential in you is breathtaking, whether you’ve realized it yet or not. Education is powerful, but some of the most powerful things your time at learning would have given you won’t be found anywhere or in any book. Your education has given you the capacity to have a voice and a presence whether that’s through the way you use words, the way you create, the way you play a sport or perform or maybe it’s something else. Hopefully, above all else, it’s taught you that you can learn anything and do anything when you put in the effort.

It’s important to work hard and give it everything you’ve got but know that there are so many more things about you that will determine the life you have. Most of the things that will make you successful, happy and give you a wonderful life are being yourself, contentment and appreciating what you have.

Know that we’re behind you all the way learn English.


Lovely Ventanilla