【Vol.01】 April.2016

投稿日: 2016/04/05 6:51:13

Dear ACE students

Howdy and welcome to the new school year! I think it is funny and interesting that Japan has graduation in March and then a week later, the new school year starts. Is this Japan’s way of celebrating April Fools? If you don’t know, April Fools is celebrated on April 1st and it is a holiday that embraces the joy of laughter. During April 1st, everybody plays good hearted pranks and jokes on each other. School is not a joke but remember to always have fun learning! Moreover, April has two holidays that celebrates the beauty of Nature. The first holiday is Earth Day on April 22. Earth Day is a day to advocate the importance of taking care of our home planet. During this day, people gather to raise awareness of the Earth’s climate change and recycling. Additionally, Arbor Day on April 29 is a national holiday which encourages everyone to plant at least one tree. This is a good month to plant a tree because April is the rainy season in America.

April is a month dedicated to Spring and nature. Just like the new school year, we must welcome the new challenges and embrace the new season of our lives. There is a common saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Even though school starts again so fast, remember we have flowers to look forward to.


Andrew Galang