December 2016 vol.9

投稿日: 2016/12/11 13:49:10

Dear Ace Students,

Welcome Winter! It’s December and the year’s almost over, I hope everyone is excited for the winter holidays. As it gets colder and colder, people become warmer and warmer. Funny how the cold can change people’s attitude. This time of year of course is most popular for Christmas and New Years.

This month, I want us to decorate a christmas tree. Christmas lighting is an important tradition for Christmas. It reminds us to have hope and be joyful in such dark and cold weather. Remember, Christmas isn’t just a holiday for presents but it’s a holiday for family and friends to love one another. I want us to get into the Christmas spirit so we can go into the New Year with bright hopes. Kindness can go a long way.


Andrew Galang