December 2017

投稿日: 2017/12/12 14:38:07

Dear ACE students,

Hello and welcome to Winter! It’s that time of year again and we’re ready to celebrate

the upcoming New Year with plenty of traditions. Like last year, we are going to make

snowflakes and cover the room. There’s a saying in America, “Every snowflake is different.”

When I was in elementary school, teachers taught this to me. American students are taught that

we are all different but it’s a good thing. We are all individuals and we come together as one.

Regardless of how we look or act, we’re all the same snowflakes falling from the sky.

I hope everyone has something to look forward to this winter holiday. Make every

moment count and remember to be warm. Winter teaches us that even the harshest cold can

not stop us from being warm to each other. This time of year is about family and being thankful

for what we have. Just like what I’ve taught you about thanksgiving, bring in the winter with

hopeful warm spirits.