投稿日: 2019/01/17 1:41:35

Dear ACE Students,

It’s a brand new start of the year 2019 and I hope you all had wonderful winter holidays. It’s been really amazing experience that I have had here in Japan. I’ve traveled Tokyo, Kanagawa and Yokohama for my winter break. I learned lots of things in 2 weeks and one thing in common with Japan and the Philippines when celebrating the holidays is both countries are celebrating it with the family. In Japan, New Year is one of the most important holidays of the year and it couldn’t be more different from the typical Philippines New Year’s celebration. People return to their hometowns, and families come together for a special meal, send greeting cards, and pray for health and happiness, more like a traditional Western Christmas. On New Year’s Eve, Japanese families traditionally eat a special kind of soba . Philippines has a loud New Year’s Eve and we count down the clock until 12 am January 1st.

It was great that I even had the opportunity to see and hear Emperor Akihito’s last term message to everyone in reality. What a great honor it was for me that I felt like dreaming and I still can’t quite imagine that I am now experiencing what I dreamt a couple of years ago. I can tell that dreams truly come true. As I always believe what my mother kept on telling me that "If others can why can’t I?”. I just want to share with you this quote which inspire me ; I am where I am now because someone believe in me and we want our future generations to believe in them as well. ~ Catriona Gray

Happy New Year and live life to the fullest.


Lovely Ventanilla