June 2016 Vol.3

投稿日: 2016/06/01 0:46:40

Dear Ace Students,

Hey y’all and say hello to Summer! I hope everyone is keeping it cool and staying hydrated. Remember it’s important to drink a lot of water to be healthy and happy! In Texas, we drink a lot of Southern Sweet Tea to keep us cool. You should try it sometime. All you have to do is add sugar or honey to your tea and keep it ice cold. It’s a perfect way to beat the heat! Since Father’s day is in June, try making some for your dad!

June is the beginning of summer vacation for most Americans. Summer vacation starts in June and ends in August. Since summer vacation doesn’t start until later, I thought it would be a good idea for us to have a tour of the world. We will have a new project for the summer called, the “ACE World Project.” We will learn about many foreign countries and make a presentation later in August. So if you are interested in making presenting a project, please let Kimura Sensei and I know. Good luck!