June 2017

投稿日: 2017/06/19 8:39:39

Dear Ace students,

Hello y’all! Say hello to summer! I hope everyone is ready for the heat! I’ve learned that June is the rainy season of Japan. Which means it’s time for humidity. Humid weather can be so uncomfortable but I’m from Texas so I am used to having humidity for long months! I hope y’all stay cool and hydrated. Since it will be hot soon, remember to always drink water. Fun biology fact, we are over 70% water so remember to keep yourself refreshed!

June is the beginning of summer vacation for kids in Texas. But just think, August will come faster than you think and you’ll be in summer vacation! Speaking of August, it will be time for recitation. Let’s brush up on our pronunciation and phonics! I hope everyone participates and does their best! Best wishes for an awesome summer!