March 2017

投稿日: 2017/03/02 15:49:10

Dear Ace students,

I hope everyone has had a warm winter. It’s time for March and spring is near.

Back in Texas, Spring would’ve already arrived. That also means it would be Rodeo time. I would really love to have some Texas barbeque and steak! Just like the special holidays in Japan where everyone dresses up in kimonos, Texans dress up in cowboy and cowgirl clothes. So If you ever want to visit my home, I would recommend you visit in March.

Additionally, the school year is about to end and start. Hellogoodbye. Hello 2017 school year and goodbye 2016 school year. Let’s hope for a new great school year and to see new faces in class. Welcome everyone and let’s have another great year







Andrew Galang