November 2017

投稿日: 2017/11/15 5:11:15

Dear ACE students,

I hope everyone had a fun time with the Halloween Party. It was a fun event and it was good seeing everyone wear their costumes! I hope y’all learned a lot about Halloween and now it’s time to move on to the next month!

Welcome November! November is the last month of Fall so enjoy all the fall colors for now. One thing I think when it comes to November is mustaches. It may sound weird but over the past couple of years, November has been a special month for American men to let their facial hair grow. We’ve been calling this month, “No-shave November.” So if you find yourself in America in the Fall, don’t be surprised with all the beards you see!

Lastly, and more importantly, November is means Thanksgiving! Though thanksgiving is not celebrated in Japan, there are some Americans who celebrate this very American Holiday in Japan. I will be celebrating thanksgiving and I hope everyone learns a lot about Thanksgiving from my lesson. Just remember to always give thanks for what you have. Winter is coming and we need to keep each other warm with our spirits.