投稿日: 2018/11/08 23:58:16

Dear ACE Students,

Mabuhay! How is it going? It’s been months that I’ve

had at ACE and you’ve all impressed me by your eagerness

and passion to learn the English language. I know how hard it is

to be a beginner of a new language but let me tell you that all

expert was once a beginner so keep on going to achieve your

goals. I am indeed so thankful for all your teachers who have

taught you all with love and compassion and I truly admire all of


I’ve been fascinated by Japanese culture,

sceneries and people. I’m so humbled by your examples and

hope that all people in the world are like Japanese people. I can

say that I have enjoyed embracing the Japanese culture by eating and cooking traditional foods like natto and by visiting temples and shrines and learning about their culture.

It’s been really fun experiencing and learning new

things. Being here in Japan is a dream come true. I know that

as we all strive harder we will have a compelling chance to be

an extraordinary person. As teacher Andrew said and I quote

“BE A STUDENT OF LIFE”. I am so thrilled to get to know

better and help you improve your English.