投稿日: 2019/10/01 3:04:50

Dear ACE Students,

The seasons are well-respected in Japan, governing not only the weather but what people are getting up to. With each season, different festivities are put on and different foods eaten. Autumn is the season of gorgeous fall foliage, traditional festivals, and delicious food. Autumn is particularly special. For the most part, anyone travelling to Japan in October will be too early to see the spectacular autumn leaves. It’s been a year since I first experienced the autumn season and I can’t wait for it. I love watching the leaves change color. The Halloween is big in Japan! In America and some other countries tend to go in for trick and treating and they need much persuading to dress up but not much here in Japan. In the land of cost play, anime and manga, Halloween is a big deal. Most especially in Tokyo area. There are lots of events and festivals to enjoy this season and I’m sure that most everyone loves this time of the year because of the beautiful sceneries and pleasant temperature.

I read an article on japan times website which talks about the Value added Tax that says the reason why we will have the tax increase from 8% to 10 this October “Since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has already postponed the tax increase twice, he may feel the increase needs to happen this time to secure the financial resources for his new initiatives, namely increased financial support for child rearing. The government should have waited for the country’s complete emergence from deflation in order to consolidate the fiscal conditions to provide financial resources for new policies.” Philippines has 12% Value added Tax. This is alarming to everyone especially to workers who don’t earn that much but in my opinion I think that the government need the cooperation of everyone to support the needy and for the future of Japan. The important is everyone is safe and happy always.


Lovely Ventanilla